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Garage Door Openers Now Available

GARAGE REMOTE 850 x 600 1

GARAGE REMOTE 850 x 600 1

Replace your garage door opener remote for a fraction of original price! We carry all the top brands including Liftmaster, Genie and more.

How many times have you wanted to replace or add another garage door opener or keypad? We are now offering openers and keypads for all the major brands. There are plenty of good options to save you money and all are easy to hook up with your garage door system. We are also carrying universal remotes.

List of some of the Brands are openers are compatable with: Chamberlain, Crafsman, Genie, Liftmaster, Linear, Stanley..etc

How Does It Work:

Garage door openers and remotes “talk” to each other over radio frequencies. When you press the open button on the garage door remote, a signal is sent to the garage door opener telling it to open the garage door. When you get a remote that is compatible, this means that the radio frequency is in the range of what the Opener (Motor) can listen to.

How to Program:

Programming is easy and most work the same way. Usually this involves, putting the Opener (Motor) in “learn mode”, and then hitting the button on remote. Since the system is in learn mode, it picks up the signal sent out from the garage remote and then saves that in its system. This way it “Pairs” it to that specific radio frequency of that remote. When getting a new remote, check out our instructions or simply look up the information for your Garage door System.

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