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5 Benefits of Having a Spare Key: Say Goodbye to Stressful Situations

Possessing a secondary key can drastically change your experience during an emergency situation involving your car. No one can prevent every key-related situation, so it’s not a matter of if you will need a spare key, but when. To avoid the headache and expenses that come with key emergencies, here are 5 reasons why you should invest in a spare key.

Loss of the main key

Losing your car key is more than just an inconvenience, it’s also a costly mistake. Replacing a lost key at the dealership can cost upwards of $600, not including additional fees such as towing costs. To save yourself from this financial burden, consider getting a spare key from Car and Truck Remotes. Our do-it-yourself service offers affordable spare keys and programming equipment, with prices starting at $100, depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

Multiple drivers

Having a spare key on hand can make a huge difference when multiple drivers use the same vehicle. With each driver having their own key, transportation and access to the car during an emergency is much simpler. No need to coordinate the transfer of a key or worry about a shared key being misplaced.

Keys left in the car

We’ve all been there – you lock your car and realize the keys are still inside. Without a spare key, this situation can turn into a long wait for a road-side service or locksmith, costing money and potentially causing damage to your car. With a spare key, you can easily retrieve your keys and continue on with your day. Some drivers even keep a spare key outside the car, attached to a magnetic box for easy access.

Borrowing the keys

Having a spare key can also come in handy when lending your car to someone else. Whether it’s a family member, friend, mechanic, or valet, having a second key to give ensures that you have access to your car at all times.

Key emergencies

Emergencies can happen, and sometimes they have nothing to do with losing your key. If the batteries in your key fob fail or the fob itself breaks, having a spare key can give you peace of mind until the issue is resolved.

Getting a spare key from Car and Truck Remotes is an easy and affordable solution to key emergencies. Check out our website to see if we service your vehicle, and if not, sign up for updates as we continue to expand our coverage. For any questions or help finding what you need, email us at

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