Ford key fob, keyless remote
Ford Keyless Remote Key Fob

Ford Keyless entry remote programming (sometimes called installation) and activation is a simple process. Actually, despite of the common name – remote programming, the process involves training the vehicle to recognize a new remote you purchased.
Turn ignition from OFF to RUN (as far as you can go without cranking the engine) 8 times (one turn is from OFF to RUN and back to OFF) within 10 seconds, with the 8th time ending in RUN (8th time you only go from OFF to RUN and stop there) (do not start the engine). All doors will lock then unlock to confirm programming mode. Within 20 seconds, press any button on 1st car remote transmitter. Door locks will cycle to confirm remote programming. Within 20 seconds, press any button on 2nd remote transmitter (up to 4 transmitters total possible). Turn ignition to OFF. Locks will again cycle to indicate end of programming mode.
Please follow the instructions outlined above to program remotes for the following vehicles
1999 – 2007 Ford Taurus keyless entry remote control
2000 – 2010 Ford Focus keyless entry remote control
1999 – 2010 Ford Mustang keyless entry remote keyfob
1999 – 2005 Ford Thunderbird keyless entry remote key fob
1999 – 2004 Ford Escort remote control
1999 – 2010 Ford Explorer keyless entry remote control
1999 – 2010 Ford Expedition keyless entry control
1999 – 2010 Ford Econoline keyless remote control
1998 – 2010 F150, F250, F350 keyless entries remote control
2001 – 2007 Ford Escape keyfobs
2005 – 2007 Ford Five Hundred keyless entry remote controls
1998 – 2003 Ford Windstar minivan remote with and without power side doors
All Ford Freestyle and Freestar remote controls keyfobs
All Ford Excursion remotes