What is a smart key?
Smart keys can go by lots of different names: Keyless Go, Intelligent Key, Smart Access, My Key, Fast Key, and Smart Key.
All of these keys use something called Proximity Technology.  Once you are in close “proximity” of your vehicle, your remote key is automatically activated.  Somewhere on the outside of your vehicle there is a transceiver or sorts that recognizes your key.
There is also a transceiver located inside the car that will allow you to start the car with your “Smart Key”.
Essentially what this means is that you do not need a traditional key to start your vehicle.   You would simply hold the key close or keep it in your pocket or purse and push a start button or turn the start dial on your dash.
If you have a key with a metal part that you put into the steering column and turn to start your car, then you do not have a “smart key” system.