How to program your 1997, and 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII remote keyless entry fob alarm by yourself at home without going to the dealer.

Enter 5-digit permanent entry code (you can find the code on trunk hinge) into the keyless entry keypad.
Within 5 seconds of pressing last button of code, press the 1/2 button.
All doors will lock then unlock to confirm programming mode.
Press any button on 1st transmitter within 5 seconds of pressing the 1/2 button. Locks will cycle to indicate successful programming.
Press any button on 2nd transmitter (up to 4 transmitters total possible) within 5 seconds of previous
(If the keypad light goes out before all transmitters are programmed,
the entire process must be repeated.)
Press the 7/8 and 9/0 buttons simultaneously on keypad to exit program mode.